Rewards Program

As a way of saying Thank you to our guests, we offer a Rewards Program open to anyone shopping with us. 

Earn rewards

Every Eligible Purchase

Our rewards program is a point-based system, where you may earn one point for every whole dollar you spend (before taxes).  These points are stored in your rewards account until you wish to spend them.   As you spend points, they are removed from your account.  See the redemption schedule below for details on available rewards.

Sign up at our register on your next visit

Earn points each time you purchase eligible products

Redeem points for discounts and other rewards

Redemption Schedule

100 Points  - One "Standard" Booster Pack
250 Points - $10.00 off your purchase
500 Points - $25.00 off your purchase
750 Points - $50.00 off your purchase

1000 Points - Redeem for one year of Meeple Membership

1250 Points - $100 Gift Card
2000 Points - $200 Gift Card
3000 Points - $300 Gift Card



Community Heroes

If you’re a Firefighter, Police Officer, EMT, Paramedic, a member of the military on active duty, Veteran, or Teacher, you can show us your ID and receive up to a 10% discount off your entire purchase. This is just a small way to say Thank You for the work you do for our community.

Member Discounts

If you’ve redeemed points to become a Meeple Member, you are eligible for a discount of up to 15% off the items in our shoppe.  Membership lasts for one year (365 days) from the date of redemption. 

Maximum Discounts

Certain manufacturers and distributors enforce a Minimum Advertised Pricing Program (MAPP) to protect the value of their brand.  To avoid any appearance of impropriety, your eligible discounts may be reduced to the MAPP value for certain items. 

Additionally, a small selection of items, including consignment products and Magic singles, are not eligible for discounts. 

Points Earned

Rewards Participants

Community Heroes

Meeple Members